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In development…

Ooo, mysterious…

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Thunderbirds are go!

Thunderbirds are on their way back to the small screen, which reminds me…
About a million years ago, I worked on a Thunderbirds computer game (sadly unreleased due to hissy fits between rights holders) that reunited almost the entire original voice cast. And when the magnificent David Graham (aka Grandpa Pig, for those of us with young children) uttered his first ‘Yes, M’lady’ everyone in the control room was whooping and air-punching. Considering the ages of the whoopers and air-punchers, it must have looked pretty silly, but there was a 10 year-old me who would been over the moon to think such an experience was ahead of him.

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This year has been brought to you by…

… the letters N(on) D(isclosure) and A(greement).
As I deliver the final elements of my latest commission of development materials (Format Document. Series bible. Pilot script).

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now showing…

The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee the Wise can now be found nestled among the work of far better-known comics talents than I in the latest collection of strips from Dr Who Monthly. The collection also reprints the five page Who strips commissioned for the short-lived anthology Incredible Hulk Presents, where Ly-Chee first saw the light of day.


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now showing… A Good Thief

The recent arrival of a royalty statement was the first clue that a short story I had written for the Black Library fiction imprint of the tabletop games company, Games Workshop, set in the company’s Warhammer fantasy universe, had been made available as an eShort here.
I also wrote shorts and novellas set in the company’s Warhammer 40K universe, a deliciously pessimistic port of the fantasy game’s Tolkien/Moorcock tropes into a gothic space opera setting.

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now showing… Tilly and Friends

The scripts I wrote for this sweet but in fact utterly mental show were the most fun I’d had at the keyboard for quite a while. Now on CBeebies at 8am UK time.

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