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I’ve written animation for UK, US and European networks, ranging from silent five-minute comedies for pre-schoolers to big, ‘splodey 22-minute action adventures and DVD features. I’m represented by Rebecca Watson at Valerie Hoskins Associates.
Shane the Chef, a pre-school series I co-created, is in production with a broadcast date of Spring 2017. Negotiations for the option on a comedy adventure series for older children are ongoing.
My live action credits range from slapstick sketches for pre-schoolers to sitcom for 6-11 year-olds and feature-length adaptations of children’s fiction.
I’ve written for games based on classic TV properties (Thunderbirds), co-scripted a groundbreaking (at the time) mix of console game and SF web serial and developed characters, scenarios and scripts for an online game rolled out over real time by the BBC.
I’ve also consulted on narrative development for global children’s IPs, written comic books and fiction for James Bond, Spider-Man and Dr Who. I wrote Bodysnatchers From Beyond (a Cable and Chase adventure) and One of Our Demons is Missing for children and continue to write weird fiction and fantasy for children and grown-ups who should know better.