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Why writers drink, reason #348765

So I’m commissioned to write a 50-min animated TV pilot, but between drafts 2 and 3, it’s decided that it should be an 80-min DVD feature.

I am not informed of this decision. The animation director rewrites the script. English is not the animation director’s first language.

The animation director presents me with his new draft to polish. My agent points out that this is not professional behaviour.

So they ask if I’d like to write the trailer.

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Rastamouse, him win da bling

Just heard that Rastamouse won BEST PRESCHOOL CATEGORY AWARD at the 2012 Broadcast Awards. Much love and congratulations to the good people at Three Stones Media and to Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster, creators of the mighty Rastamouse. It was a delight to play a very small part in the show’s success. Irie!

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Coming Soon… Tilly And Friends

Tilly And Friends is a delightfully warm and quirky pre-school series based on the equally warm and delightful books by Polly Dunbar and coming soon(ish) from Cbeebies and JAM Media.

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Now Showing… Rastamouse

Rastamouse, the freshest t’ing on pre-school TV starts its run on Cbeebies at 4.20pm today. Based on the brilliant books by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster and brought to life by Three Stones Media. With dialogue in a patois-style, it had me sounding like the world’s worst Ali-G impersonator as I wrote my script. Nuff to say, it be criss!

Click through for a reggae-tastic preview.
Irie, Man!


Now Showing… GiggleBiz

The second series of GiggleBiz, starring pre-school superstar, Justin Fletcher and including sketches what I wrote. Here’s the ridiculously-catchy theme tune (what I did not write)…

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The Best Of Bob

It is with great pleasure that I mention that two of my episodes have been included on The Best Of Bob, a DVD of the top ten Bob’s voted for on If I’d known there was a vote, I’d have been doing my best to stuff the ballot. As it is, I’m enormously pleased and proud that Hamish’s New Home and Ballroom Bob made the cut without my help.

I’d just like to thank the Academy, my parents…

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Coming Soon… Pet Squad

Pet Squad: 11-minute episodes of un-housebroken animated superheroics. Coming soon on CBBC, courtesy of Ciamh McDonnell, Auntie Beeb and the good people at Darrall Macqueen.


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“Crazy Keith: Extreme Koala”

My episode of the completely mental children’s sitcom Bear Behaving Badly, produced by the completely wonderful people at Darrall Macqueen, was broadcast over the Christmas period and is patiently waiting its turn to become available on CBBC’s version of iPlayer.


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