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Dr Who

About a million years ago, my first professional sale was a five-page Dr Who strip. As I said in a recent interview:

“My Doctors were the Third and Fourth and by the time I wrote The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee The Wise, I had fallen out of touch with the show (I’m sure I wasn’t alone in detesting the Sixth Doctor’s costume). Before writing my pitches for the strip slot I’d been offered, I borrowed a VHS tape of Remembrance of the Daleks from an old friend and long-standing Whovian in order to get acquainted with the Seventh Doctor.

“I don’t remember there being a brief and, as this was my chance to make my first professional script sale, that was enough! I worked up three or four pitches and Ly-Chee was chosen to go to script. I took a week off work (I was mixing cocktails in Covent Garden at the time) and worked and worried over every word.”

And so below I present, The Enlightenment Of Ly-Chee The Wise: